Smith Machine Upright Rows For Solid Shoulders

A while back I decided to do a video doing upright rows with the Smith Machine.

If you want to get get solid shoulder and trap development this is my go to exercise.

Most people rather do barbell upright rows or choose the dumbbell variation.

That’s fine.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that it’s easy to use poor form and that opens you up to injuries.

The Smith Machine makes up for this and helps with keeping proper form.

You won’t go wrong by using this piece of equipment.

Plus, it’s easier to add weight and go heavier than with a barbell.

Add weight to any exercise and you’ll see the muscle gains kick in.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Perform this exercise after shoulder presses.
  • Perform 3 sets
  • Do reps of 6 to 10
  • Rest about 1 minute between sets.

That’s pretty much it.

Pretty simple.

And another tip.

  • Do some shrugs at the end of your shoulder routine.

Again, I prefer using the Smith Machine for shrugs.

It’s easier to add weight.

There you have it.



Plyometrics Workouts vs Regular Cardio

I have been experimenting a bit with my cardio.

Cardio. I hate that word.  Reminds me of sweating, running out of breath and doing something repetitively.

I just don’t like jogging, getting on an elliptical machine or some other activity that makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel.  I like to do things that are fun.

That’s why I have switched to something different when I do my cardio workouts.

Instead of doing regular cardio I’m doing plyometric circuits.

Cardio For Athletes

I decided to do some research on what athletes use to help with their training.

If you thought their training consists of running miles a day or getting on a bicycle for an hour it is rarely the case.

Unless the athlete is a long distance competitor like marathon runners, cross country sports or others which require stamina, it is rarely if ever the case.  You won’t see a football player, baseball player, or sprinter doing long running.

Athletes like the ones I mention above train by using plyometrics.  Plyometrics help them increase fast twitch muscle fibers, athletic looking muscle and burn fat by doing short activity.

That is why I became interested in training differently.  I wanted to do cardio like an athlete.

(The video by Brad Gouthro shows a challenging yet very effective plyometric workout)

Plyometric Training

Plyometrics are done as a series of drills or circuits where one exercise follows the next with little rest in between.  The exercises  chosen are done in short bursts and require little if any equimpment.

Here is one of my favorite drills:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Power Jumps
  • Push Ups
  • Hurdle Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers

Each exercise will be performed for 30 seconds of activity and 15 seconds of rest in between.

I like to do this drill and then stop for one minute and repeat.

This is then repeated a total of 3 to 5 times although it will be a challenge to repeat a maximum of 5 times in the beginning.

As you get used to these types of drills you will be able to do more sets.  Simply do what you can.

I won’t lie and tell you that it is easy.  But I will say it is way more fun than doing other types of cardio.

I like to use plyometrics after some strength training.  As a finisher this will give you great results, especially if you want to burn some  fat.

Barbell Complexes For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

It is difficult for you to envision any barbell exercise routine as anything but your current typical series of exercises such as: bench presses, the squat, and also deadlifts. These kind of workouts are part of a good muscle development base. Nonetheless, if you really want to take the muscle building as well as fat burning towards a completely level you could get inventive and make use of the barbell complex workout routine.


Classic body building involves employing barbells inside a compound movement. As soon as you complete just one set you actually relax for just a period of time, get back your energy and also perform your next set.

These kinds of workouts are fantastic yet you will discover restrictions to your common barbell exercise routine. Barbell physical exercises is only going to provide you with the benefit of building bulk without burning excess fat. Although gaining muscle size is often a goal many guys desire to remain as lean as you possibly can.

Burning Fat the Traditional Way

So the old skool strategy for losing fat has been by simply carrying out cardiovascular exercise. I will virtually estimate that you actually hate doing cardio exercise. Climbing on the home treadmill, running for an hour and huffing and puffing isn’t your chosen (or my favorite) method of losing fat.

That old advice offered by a fitness coach went like this:

Carry out some type of aerobic exercise for 30 to one hour in days you are not undertaking strength training.

Do your cardio as soon as you finish your weight training.

Each bits of information are usually good. Cardio works with losing fat and you may decide to do it on the same day as your weight training or perhaps on separate days.

Why not knock two birds with one stone and acquire some great benefits of cardio exercise while at the same time undertaking lifting weights?

The Key to Achieving A Lean Athletic Body

Long boring cardiovascular won’t give you a good athletic looking physique. Should you prolonged sessions on the treadmill machine or do prolonged jogs you’ll resemble a marathon runner. A new lean and also athletic body is more about working on your fast twitch muscle groups.

So that you can develop your own fast twitch muscle tissue you need to use only two approaches:

Employ high intensity intervals in your cardio exercise training
Execute strength training workouts applying compound workouts in a explosive manner.
I personally utilize the Second option, particularly if I can utilize creative workouts that provides me both the muscle development as well as a fat loss benefit.

Barbell Complexes

Even though the name may suggest that a barbell complex is really a workout composed of challenging exercises it is in reality quite the opposite.

These types of exercises are easy to carry out and many of the exercises are most likely acquainted to most novices to more advanced level conditioning enthusiasts.

All these forms of routines consist of is choosing a group of compound workouts like the squat, deadlifts, some sort of pressing type movements plus a pulling movements, practicing these a single to another without any relaxation in between and presto, you’ve got a barbell complex.

This is a good example:

Deadlifts (10 reps)
Barbell Rows (
10 repetitions)
Upright Row (
ten reps)
Barbell Shoulder Press (
ten reps)
Leg squats (10 reps)

Shift from one physical exercise to another with out putting the weight/ weights down. You don’t rest in between workout routines unless you complete the very last exercise within the series.

Doing the whole series of workout routines matters as one set. Rest for just one minute and repeat the particular combination of physical exercises once again.

This can be achieved for 2 to 3 sets total as well as perform this workout one or two times per week on non sequential days.

This kind of workout is challenging and can have you with your heart moving and also breathing in heavily however you will find that the barbell complexes gives you some great benefits of each a new lifting weights work out along with cardiovascular without the hassle associated with jogging for very long, dull durations.

Get A Gymnast Body Type

Most men that are thinking of getting jacked believe the best way to achieve this is through weights however, if you would like to get a gymnast body type all you have to do is makes use of the appropriate kinds of body weight exercises.

Precisely Why Gymnasts Possess These Captivating Physiques

You can ask nearly all men and females what she say is the most eye-catching body type. Most of the time you are going to hear a toned along with toned person’s body is the very best looking. A body that’s not too large yet not too small. Now ask the man as well as her exactly who appears to be best, the gymnast or even a muscle builder?

Then chances are you will get a answer that the gymnast possesses the most eye-catching figure. Gymnasts have a very low fat and extremely natural look that makes it an easy task to don classy attire yet still be athletic. It sure bests your swollen, sometimes full, muscle builder physical appearance.

The Weight Training Misconception

Should you notice the word “weight training” you immediately have a mental snapshot involving barbells and also dumbbells along with almost never think of body weight exercises being a fantastic option to increasing muscle. Perhaps muscle building competitions and also health publications have forced this specific myth associated with dumbbells as being the lone substitute for getting sculpted though the the fact is you can get toned with no training a single weight.

How To Get A Gymnast Body

There is no secret that the gymnast is reliant merely on their body to obtain a great physique. You won’t see them spening too much time carrying out bench presses however you certainly will notice a awesome upper body that could produce perhaps the most powerful guy at your gymnasium blush.

The very first thing you have to do if you need to have a body like a gymnast is concentrate on the correct forms of workouts in which mimic the things they do competing. One example is, if you see the gymnast competing you will recognize that they spend a lot of their own time upon equipment just like bars, parallel bars, rings as well as the pommel horse. Ultimately you can try to copy these kinds of workout routines inside your exercises.

The Best Body Weight Exercises To Utilize

The most effective physical exercises to utilize are generally any that work around the shoulders, back, chest, legs and arms and also the core if at all possible in the compound type motion.

Back Workout routines
Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Parallel Chin Ups

Shoulder muscles Workout routines
Hands Stand Pushups, Hand Stands, Dive Bomber Push-ups

Upper body Workouts
Pushups, Incline Push Ups, Decline Push Ups, Triangular Push Ups

Biceps & Tricep muscles Exercises
Parallel Bar Dips (
Triceps), Chin Ups (biceps), 1 Arm Chin Up (arms)

Legs Work outs
Bodyweight Squats, Bodyweight Jump Squats, Pistol Leg squats,

Abs/ Core Workout routines
L- Sit Hold,
Lying Knee Raises, Dangling Leg Increases

In order to make the best form of exercise by using these body weight exercises make sure you don’t carry out all these workouts on the same day or upon consecutive days. Try to separate your own exercise sessions into 3 to 4 sessions per week.

A proven way you are able to break down your current routines is simply by performing torso targeted workouts eventually as well as follow it up with a lower body and also primary intensive work out the following day, relaxation for one day and then accomplish an additional upper body day followed by a lower body and also primary exercise routine the day next.

It is easy to choose a couple of exercises per muscles to acheive the best from your workout routines and prevent overtraining.

For sets I suggest around 3 and four. The quantity of sets may be in the array of six and ten in order to gain muscle. If you will find it tough to get this done numerous repetitions simply try and do as many as achievable for every set. Over time you will be able to perform a lot more as your strength improves.

Acquiring a body which is lean doesn’t need utilizing weights. You learn to get a gymnast body by simply training correctly with the proper workouts.

Gain 20 Pounds Of Muscle Mass And Forget About Being A Hardgainer

Have you been called what many refer to as a hardgainer and you have been recently fighting to put on muscular mass? Although you may believe that putting on 20 pounds of muscular mass is very tough the fact is that it’s not necessarily as difficult as you imagine it to be.


What is a hardgainer?

The hardgainer can be a person having such a high metabolism that he or she finds it problematical to increase in bodyweight and muscle and as a result finds themself looking skinny. Even though this would be considered a blessing to some the truth is it is extremely tough to get a hardgainer to see an increase in muscles regardless of how long is actually spent in the fitness center.

Stop Working Out The Same Way You Always Have

Like a hardgainer myself personally my training would last a long time.  In fact, my weight lifting sessions were at least 2 hours long. Although this may seem logical, the truth is that it was counterproductive. Strength training can burn calories and also the lengthier time spent doing resistance training the more calories you will burn off. Therefore the other option I was given would have been to eat far more. This does not work since consuming more is only going to allow you to gain weight although not automatically gain muscular mass and you will probably not look as great as you thought.

What type of work out in case you do in order to gain muscle size?

The first thing you need to do is forget about traditional advice. If you’ve been training for some time you have to ignore circuit workouts while staying focused on workouts which develop muscular mass. Compound exercises are one of the best options to make use of. Types of these are leg extensions, deadlifts, leg presses, power cleans, pull-ups. The aim is always to do exercises that actually work different muscles performing single joint workouts just like triceps extensions and also leg extensions tend to be great yet mustn’t be the focus when exercising. The next phase is to permit adequate rest between workout routines. It’s best to permit 2-3 days in between workouts. Frequently I see guys carrying out bench presses on back-to-back days. This is a drawback in order to build muscle size. Allowing adequate rest times will help you gain more size.

The Right Number of Reps And Sets To Use

To gain muscle mass you should do 3-4 sets for each workout as well as 8-10 reps per exercise. Use slow and controlled motions to get the most out of your sets. Cardio may still be accomplished but only around three times weekly on non-consecutive nights.

Precisely what nutritional supplements or even diet plan should you use?

Ingesting fish oil is recommended in your diet plan and you ought to try to eat low fat foods too. Proteins shakes can help with adding muscle mass such as the expect huge gains. Health proteins nutritional supplements assist in repair as well as restoration of one’s muscle mass. Follow these tips if you want to gain twenty pounds of muscle mass if you are a hardgainer.

The Tim Tebow NFL Quarterback Workout

Tebow is called one of many quickest quarterbacks amongst players. During his days on the University of Florida Tim separated itself for his running capabilities and having the ability to outrun the defensive. On the field he appeared to be a running back as well as Quarterback almost all rolled into one. His ability were once more noticed during his first National football league (nfl) combine when he ran 4.71 seconds on a 40 yard sprint- surely an impressive statistic.

So, just how does Tim Tebow undertake his training? Exactly how does he prepare in a manner that makes him fast and capable to outrun some of the speediest offensive players in the NFL?

Something he does is focus on plyometrics drills, especially the ones focus on his hip flexors as well as fast twitch muscles of his lower body. In order to be effective on his explosiveness as well as speed Tim Tebow works out for a large volume of time on drills including the following: box jumps, squat jumps, hurdles and sprints. Many of his sprints usually are broken down into short speed drills that range from simple ten yard sprints to 40 yard sprints.

The Reason Why Tebow Focuses Primarily On Speed and Intervals

Tebow attempts to specialise in workout routines that will help him move quickly coming from a starting position and being stand still to a quick run to be able to steer clear of linemen. It is not accident that Tim generally ran the ball for constant 1st downs and was not uncommon to view him run in for touchdowns within college and he has been performing equivalent things while in the NFL.

Tebow’s emphasis on working on quick explosive so as to simulate situations during the game. It is normal for him to accomplish a brief sprint of a few yards, rest for less than 60 seconds and carry out the sprint again. This style of action is much like a play series in football. A down may well last a few seconds, move a several yards, the play concludes and in the latest play starts again in precisely just a few seconds. Tim’s training drills allow him to count on these conditions on the field and stay short for very long time periods.

Exactly how He Uses Weight Training To Build Explosiveness 

While football players must stay strong in the course of the season the vast majority of their particular focus on building muscle is through the off-season. For the whole of these months off it’s easier for the player to target getting muscle while at the same time concentrating on their conditioning. Once the season begins a new player will lay off on weight training.

For Tebow to stay competitive on the field and match up against linemen he needs to stay strong by developing strength and muscle. Although this is just one benefit to his weight training routines, another advantage in the lifting weights will be able focus on fast twitch muscles, power, speed and explosiveness.

The workout routines Tebow uses to work these areas are power movements like: deadlifts, squats, lunges, power cleans, clean and jerk, shoulder presses and bench presses. The goal is to apply multi joint movements which help build muscle while building his power by employing major muscle tissues.

Even though it isn’t mentioned in interviews and magazines additionally it is most likely that Tim Tebow works on his core working with numerous work outs so as to help him twist and turn quickly while on the field. Although many power movements, especially squats, deadlifts, clean and jerk and power cleans benefit core progress, a common workout is engaged on the core with a medicine ball. It is important for players to maintain a strong core both movements and strength in order to withstand hits from linemen.

Along with these workouts he works on his passing and running plays with his team.

Outdoor Workouts: Is It Best To Train Outside Than In The Gym?

When we bring to mind outdoor workouts generally the things pops into your head is going for a jog, cycling or maybe going for a hike or going surfing. Nonetheless, enjoying a workout in the outdoors is usually much more than that. Actually, you could get get rid of your own barbells or maybe gym membership and acquire precisely the same rewards should you choose the appropriate exercises.

Should you be uninterested in coming to the gym or jumping on a treadmill machine you can switch things up by executing something different.

Among the finest methods to workout is through the use of body weight physical exercises combined with the suitable aerobic work outs so that you can get rid of fat and maintain and even gain muscle. Only because you aren’t working with weights does not always mean that you are not muscle building. The truth is, employing your own bodyweight is simply another way employing training for strength.

Applying Bodyweight Exercises Outside

Even though it may seem like an issue to perform a number of exercises it’s actually much easier. For example, you can check out a park, beach, play ground, yard or maybe your nearby university or college or high school track and exercise for example push-ups, pull-ups, jump squats, common squats, lunges and combine all these for a full body workout alongside aerobic.

Utilize Resistance Training In Your Workouts

The best way to build lean muscle mass is by performing exercises which use a range of 8 to 10 reps and also 4 sets for every exercise. The goal ought to be to build lean body mass and also boost your metabolic process. Performing any specific training for strength workouts, including body weight exercises, helps one’s body use up more calories and also burn fat as you go along.

An Outdoor Workout Plan

This is a simple exercise session that can be done outdoors that may help you get in good shape.

Commence with bodyweight squats and execute ten repetitions.
Right away follow this with 10 push ups or even as much as you could in the event that 10 is impossible.
Comply with this at once with ten jump squats.
Perform mountain climbers (as many as feasible for one minute).
Perform burpees for just one minute.
Conduct 10 pullups or as much as possible. (Skip this unless you have access to a pullup bar)

Continue this sequence two to three additional times for a total of 3 to 4 sets. Rest for one minute when you finish every single cycle.
It is important to do this non stop from the first exercise all the way up up to the final exercise.
Repeat this workout two or three times every week on nonconsecutive days. Allow a minumum of one day’s rest.

The workout will need about fifteen to twenty minutes however this is all you have to have for your bodyweight workout.

Take The Results to A Brand New Level With Interval Training Workouts

Now that you have a training for strength workout that you can do out side it is time to couple this up with some aerobic exercise. You may carry out cardio on the same days as your bodyweight workouts or on your own “off days.”

As opposed to performing long tedious aerobic exercise do interval training workouts. Intervals might have you losing fat quicker as compared to your typical half an hour or higher cardiovascular sessions. Your cardio workouts will be separated into short time periods that may last fifteen minutes.

Start by carrying out a slow walk or jog for five minutes.
Sprint within a fast tempo but not full speed for just one minute.
Walk or jog or one minute.
Sprint once again at 80 % of your top speed for one minute.
Walk or even jog for just one minute

Continue doing this sequence until quarter-hour have passed by. In this length of time you will accomplish around six to seven sprints. If you have the stamina make an attempt to walk or jog at a light pace for an additional fifteen minutes.

Simply by pairing intervals with low intensity aerobic exercise you will burn more calories and fat than using steady state cardio alone.

As you can see, outdoor workouts are convenient and can be done anywhere, anytime and will help you get in great shape.