Yesterday while listening to the radio I was struck by an interesting statistic.  According to a study, January 17th is the day more people feel depressed than any other day.  It is hard to believe that science has pinpointed on exact day that depression hits us like a virus.

The primary reasons more people feel depressed are:  people are deeper in debt at this date and their resolutions have either been broken or never actually happened.

One of the most popular resolutions is getting fit and getting in shape.

Now let’s think about this, is it really that a big part of their depression is their failure to take action and go to a gym?  Or is it that a person’s inactivity is causing them to become depressed?

I believe it is the latter.  Think about it. When you are living a healthy lifestyle you are at your happiest.

It is easy to eat some fatty food, go to the fast food joint and watch some reality television.  But why not dedicate just one hour every other day, or better yet, every day to fitness so that we may feel like a winner.

Getting fit is not the most complex adventure.  Getting in shape is a slow process that takes time and dedication.  Although it is often thought that a workout should last a couple of hours the truth is all it takes is an hour or even less of activity.

If you are a beginner the best you can do is start slow.  You can walk, garden, jog, play a sport or anything that requires you to move around.  Eventually you can build up to more strenuous exercise.

Ideally you want to have a combination of cardio and weights in your workouts.  You can however break it up by days and dedicate weight training one day and cardio on a separate day.  Everyone is different so it is really up to you.  Just do an activity.

It is very important to have a schedule laid out.  Ideally you should write down your schedule for your workouts and just stick to it.  Work out for an hour or less and you will be on your way to get fit and feel like a winner.