There are many exercises that are recommended if you want to put on mass or if you want to truly become athletic.  These exercises are known as power movements and included are deadlift exercises, squats, power clean and clean and jerk.  Although these exercises are popular they each serve a different purpose and deadlift exercises are used to strengthen the lower back muscles.

Muscles Used In Deadlift Exercises

  • Back Muscles
  • Trap muscles
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings

Not many people choose to do deadlift exercises especially since they are seen as being too difficult and require a lot of strength.  Power movements are excellent in builidng muscle but are exercises like deadlifts safe for your back?

Is It Safe To Do Or Not

If you want to strengthen your lower back one of the best ways to do this is by doing deadlift exercises.  However, these exercises must be done carefully, with proper form and with a reasonable amount of weight.

It is tempting to do heavy repetitions when trying to build mass but the lower back muscles and lumbar area should not be placed under too much stress if it is not properly developed.

If you have lower back problems DO NOT do deadlifts. Check with a doctor and see how you can strengthen this area of the body.

If you are a beginner with working out then do very light weight on the deadlift exercises.  You can start with just the bar and slowly add weight as your body becomes stronger.  The goal is not to go heavy but to simply make the lower back stronger.

The Proper Form For Deadlift Exercises Is Key

  • Make sure not to arch your back at the top
  • Make sure you don’t round the lower back as you you lift the weight.
  • Begin with having the bar at your shins.
  • When you lift the weight look forward
  • Do not look down or up

Other Ways To Build The Lower Back

  • Back Extensions
  • Supermans
  • Good Mornings

The exercises mentioned above can be a good way to begin building lower back strength before tackling deadlifts.
Don’t feel pressured to do more advanced exercises.  It takes time and dedication to build up to a more advanced level.

You Should Do Deadlifts If You Have A Healthy Back

If your lower back is pain free and not prone to getting hurt then deadlift exercises are excellent for lower back.  Done right they will build overrall muscle mass, strength, explosiveness, athleticism and you will save some lower back pain for years to come.