It is difficult for you to envision any barbell exercise routine as anything but your current typical series of exercises such as: bench presses, the squat, and also deadlifts. These kind of workouts are part of a good muscle development base. Nonetheless, if you really want to take the muscle building as well as fat burning towards a completely level you could get inventive and make use of the barbell complex workout routine.


Classic body building involves employing barbells inside a compound movement. As soon as you complete just one set you actually relax for just a period of time, get back your energy and also perform your next set.

These kinds of workouts are fantastic yet you will discover restrictions to your common barbell exercise routine. Barbell physical exercises is only going to provide you with the benefit of building bulk without burning excess fat. Although gaining muscle size is often a goal many guys desire to remain as lean as you possibly can.

Burning Fat the Traditional Way

So the old skool strategy for losing fat has been by simply carrying out cardiovascular exercise. I will virtually estimate that you actually hate doing cardio exercise. Climbing on the home treadmill, running for an hour and huffing and puffing isn’t your chosen (or my favorite) method of losing fat.

That old advice offered by a fitness coach went like this:

Carry out some type of aerobic exercise for 30 to one hour in days you are not undertaking strength training.

Do your cardio as soon as you finish your weight training.

Each bits of information are usually good. Cardio works with losing fat and you may decide to do it on the same day as your weight training or perhaps on separate days.

Why not knock two birds with one stone and acquire some great benefits of cardio exercise while at the same time undertaking lifting weights?

The Key to Achieving A Lean Athletic Body

Long boring cardiovascular won’t give you a good athletic looking physique. Should you prolonged sessions on the treadmill machine or do prolonged jogs you’ll resemble a marathon runner. A new lean and also athletic body is more about working on your fast twitch muscle groups.

So that you can develop your own fast twitch muscle tissue you need to use only two approaches:

Employ high intensity intervals in your cardio exercise training
Execute strength training workouts applying compound workouts in a explosive manner.
I personally utilize the Second option, particularly if I can utilize creative workouts that provides me both the muscle development as well as a fat loss benefit.

Barbell Complexes

Even though the name may suggest that a barbell complex is really a workout composed of challenging exercises it is in reality quite the opposite.

These types of exercises are easy to carry out and many of the exercises are most likely acquainted to most novices to more advanced level conditioning enthusiasts.

All these forms of routines consist of is choosing a group of compound workouts like the squat, deadlifts, some sort of pressing type movements plus a pulling movements, practicing these a single to another without any relaxation in between and presto, you’ve got a barbell complex.

This is a good example:

Deadlifts (10 reps)
Barbell Rows (
10 repetitions)
Upright Row (
ten reps)
Barbell Shoulder Press (
ten reps)
Leg squats (10 reps)

Shift from one physical exercise to another with out putting the weight/ weights down. You don’t rest in between workout routines unless you complete the very last exercise within the series.

Doing the whole series of workout routines matters as one set. Rest for just one minute and repeat the particular combination of physical exercises once again.

This can be achieved for 2 to 3 sets total as well as perform this workout one or two times per week on non sequential days.

This kind of workout is challenging and can have you with your heart moving and also breathing in heavily however you will find that the barbell complexes gives you some great benefits of each a new lifting weights work out along with cardiovascular without the hassle associated with jogging for very long, dull durations.